Resumes: Highlights of Qualifications or Profiles

Profiles or Summary of Qualifications

Example 1: A senior Administrative Assistant position with 15 years experience in all aspects of corporate office practices. Exceptional computer software expertise including; PageMaker, Excel and Quark Express. Extensive knowledge of overseas business practices and travel arranging…

Example 2: An Office Manager with 10 plus years organizing and preventing mayhem from running rampant in corporate environments. Minimally 40 person reporting structure for multiple offices across Canada…

Example 3: An entry level accounting clerk with three years A/P and A/R experience in a public accounting firm…

If you choose to use a Profile, paragraph format, limit the content to about four, maximum, five lines. Senior executives usually prefer the paragraph format. If you are making a career change you will probably want to use the paragraph format as well.

If you choose a Highlights of Qualifications format, limit yourself to a maximum of six points.


  • the number of years experience and the industry and/or location where you spent them
  • a “personal wonderment” story or special knowledge area
  • another bit of uniqueness or niche skill you possess or have done
  • personal characteristics – not a grocery list – 3 qualities that relate to the objective
  • more characteristics if need be
  • miscellaneous – languages, awards, software known, global experience, recently completed education

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