Keeping One Step Ahead

Welcome to 2009! It will, without a doubt, prove to be a challenging if not a trying year for many people, but with the right tools in your tool box and the right attitude, you might just ride out the storm without too much duress. For others of you, it’s just another day and another dollar, hopefully with your hand and heart out ready to support those who need you.

Whether rumors of change abound in your workplace or industry or not, it is always wise to BE PREPARED. Carrying a lucky rabbit’s foot does not count for being prepared.

If you are feeling tentative about your job or if job cut rumors are starting, be prepared to spend a couple of hours every couple of days getting ready for your next career move.

First and foremost, get your resume updated and looking highly professional. Transfer any performance reviews, project completion reports or work samples to a portable computer storage device.

Make copies of business cards or make available in some fashion your data base of clients and contacts so you can start networking as soon as need be. Actually, you should start, if you haven’t already, just touching base with people so if you need to phone them or email them a few weeks or months down the road, you won’t be coming out of the blue after a long hiatus of no contact.

Set up a personal email address if you don’t already have one. Refrain from emailing your resume from the office. Send out job related emails from home as well. Be careful not to leave photocopies of cover letters or resumes in the company photocopier.

Make sure the folks in the ivory tower see you – and appreciate you and know of your most recent accomplishments.

Send unsolicited progress reports to your boss and your boss’s boss.

Depending on your position and situation in the company you may want to seek legal advice before any termination is given. Draft your list of exit wishes in advance in case you are in a situation when the termination takes place to negotiate the package.

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