Assessment Tools

Myers Briggs Typology Indicator

Whether one on one, as part of a work team or in a group, the MBTI® is one of the most preferred psychological instruments for measuring personality preference.

The MBTI® results measure four dichotomies: Extroversion & Introversion (E&I); Sensing & Intuition (S&N); Thinking & Feeling (T&F); Judgment & Perception (J&P). By knowing what your preferences are and understanding how the others work, you can:

improve communication dramatically build and maintain healthy and happy relationships reduce stress and negativity in your work and personal life increase sales, productivity and problem solving

For those of you who are familiar with the Myers Briggs and would like to take it a step further, to really understand the difference between preference types, and the differences between same type individuals, try the MBTI® II .

The MBTI® II looks at 20 sub-components that clearly identify why similar preferences differ within their own typology. Not all Extroverts behave the same, why is that? There are differences of preference within each functional area.

The MBTI® is enlightening, educational, fun, revealing and life changing. For an individual or group assessment, call 416-686-3079 or send an email to and Colleen will be happy to show you a different way of perceiving yourself and the world in which you work and play.

Personality Dimensions

We are all plaid! Take this personality indicator to assess and improve your communication and behavioral skills. Same as #2 only using an assessment tool.