Career Transition

The Advice Call and the Answer to the Question Tell Me a Bit About Yourself

You are looking for a new work opportunity, a new career or you are researching who’s doing what in the marketplace. You need to talk to subject matter experts, hiring managers or industry leaders. Find out how to approach referrals or strangers to get the 30 minute meeting you need to move forward in your job search or research before moving on to something new in your life. You will write a script to the question Tell Me A Bit About Yourself, by composing the 3 Minute Presentation and 30 Second Presentation. Having these tools in your tool kit will give you the confidence you need to approach virtually anyone for a face to face meeting. Learn how to facilitate the meeting, as you asked for it, you direct it.

Many employers are deeply affected by downsizing, restructuring or layoffs. This presents a strain on the employees who are left holding the “fort”. We understand the way they feel and we know what your expectations are. We are here to help.

Career Planning for the Working Employee
Career Transition workshop