I’ve been looking for new work for months. Is this a bad time to be switching jobs?

PUBLISHED March 23, 2020

Nine to Five


I’ve been looking around for a new job for months but now the coronavirus pandemic has hit. Is it a bad time to be looking for new work? I’ve been unhappy in my current job for over a year. I feel stuck and I don’t know what to do.


Right now is not an ideal time to apply for a new job, but it is a perfect time to prepare for one for when the time is right. The last thing you want is to be on more of a roller coaster ride than necessary. With layoffs and cutbacks so prevalent, your expectations for new employment will be challenged more than usual. You want to keep the status quo as much as possible. Look around and network but don’t expect interviews right now. You couldn’t prove your worth in a new job right now anyway.

Take the time to do some self-assessment work. Identify your skills, strengths and values. Is it the position or the company that is not sitting well with you? Maybe it is where you are in your life, are you suffering from burnout? Ascertain why you need to make a change.

Research your industry and job equivalencies and prepare your documents. Prepare accomplishment-based validation stories to support your resume once you reach the interview stage. Get your resume updated. Working with a resume writer virtually is very common and doable. Do practice interviewing with yourself by reading interview questions online then answering them out loud. Practice with someone, perhaps by video. Learn how to execute a professional video, telephone and in-person interview. Get yourself to the starting line so that you can take off when the time is right

Colleen Clarke
Career Specialist, Workplace Coach
Toronto, ON

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