Lunch and Learns

****NEW!!**** Speak Up, I’m Talking : Becoming a Superlative Listener

As we age we become worse listeners, so what is our excuse now?70% of our waking day is spend in comunication, 45% is spent listening and 30% talking. 25% of all communication is lost within the first 8 hours of hearing it. To rectify these statistics you need to focus only on the speaker,lean in, read and use non verbal communication and make eye contact.

Find out the barriers  to being an awesome listener, how to become a superlative, attentive listener so as to build better rapport with people and improve your interpersonal relationships. This highly interactive workshop guarantees to make you sit up and lean in, and receive messaging more easily and accurately, and enjoy doing it.

Work Smarter Not Harder: Heightening Productivity in 2017

This session examines 15 secrets to up your productivity through highly researched and applied time management strategies used by star performers around the globe. Not only will we examine 15 tips for productivity success you will also learn about four factors you can apply to ensure their implementation. These secrets are easy to implement and highly effective. The session will finish off with specific ideas of ways to tighten up your life and save time and effort, from buying birthday cards by the dozen to using drive time wisely.

Stressed Spelled Backwards is Desserts
This is about understanding stress, identifying your stressors, reframing stress and learning to MANAGE stress better day to day.

  • The history of stress – understanding stress in this day and age – it isn’t all negative
  • Definition of stress and how different people identify with stress
  • What is in your control and what isn’t
  • All about worry – worry is thinking about what you don’t want
  • Identify your stressors
  • Strategies to managing stress

Up Your Value Proposition: Get Organized—1/2 day or Lunch or Learn

Working in an organized fashion in the workplace is not everyone’s preferred way of getting things done, but it sure does save time, energy and your health. We will examine personal motivators that will facilitate your desire to get more organized, building your confidence and comfort level around setting priorities and taking action. When you choose the right goals of accomplishment you get more done in shorter periods of time leaving you more relaxed, with less mistakes, less stressed and feeling motivated and in control. You want to present a positive, influential image to your company and in your personal life, here’s how to do it:

  • Identify time wasters and interruptions that slow down productivity.
  • What about multi- tasking? Does it exist and is it productive or does it slow you down?
  • There are 9 ways to say NO without saying NO, examine how to use them, where and with whom?
  • Learn the 10 strategies of organization, some of which are life changing
  • Overcoming procrastination is about lowering your pain level, find out how.

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Employees complain that one of the most important motivating factors missing from the workplace today is receiving feedback from their superiors and colleagues. Gen Y’s are particularly sensitive to a lack of constructive feedback, negative or positive. This workshop will instruct you on how to give constructive feedback to your colleagues and your superiors and yes, how to receive it.

  • Learn the importance of feedback in the  workplace
  • 6 tips to receiving feedback with dignity and  aplomb
  • 6 tips to giving feedback
  • How to give negative feedback
  • The language to use while giving feedback
  • Giving feedback to your boss