Monthly Archives: March 2012

How and where to find your first summer job

If you are a university student then you have more than likely secured a summer job in the past, and have probably already been working on your plans for this summer. If you are a high school student, you need to start the ball rolling and get your head in job search mode as soon […]

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Netiquette: How to survive a business networking event

A business social function comes up on your calendar and as much as you hate rubber chicken dinners the networking events are usually pretty fun, because people are interesting and you make it so. You choose a comfortable but serviceable outfit that has pockets so you can easily slip others’ business cards into the left […]

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Perks VS Promotions

When the economy is good and employers are more concerned with employee retention than downsizing, it is easier and more lucrative for employees to change jobs. The ability to work your way up the corporate ladder is a value that many employees rank at the top of their list, certainly not everyone but many. So […]

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