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BizTV: 4 Ways to Achieve Networking Goals with Colleen Clarke

It seems that meeting people and networking seems to natural for people. It may surprise you to learn that some of the best networkers are actually quite shy. Our networking guru Colleen Clarke has 4 ways to achieve your networking goals even as an introvert. If meeting strangers face to face at a group function […]

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Are you in a job rut? Colleen Clarke is interviewed on CKNW Radio


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My lazy managers are ruining my job

globe and mail

Nine To Five: Special to The Globe and Mail, Published Sunday, May 19 2013 THE QUESTION Should I report them to human resources? What is the role of a manager if they mainly socialize? And their computer skills are lacking. Why isn’t management training them? Most of the managers only create more work. All they […]

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15 Reasons Not to Network

Last night I presented to a group of new Canadians and told them what networking is and how it is used to do a job search in their new country. Firstly I ascertained that networking as we know it here in Canada and the U.S. is totally a foreign phenomena to foreign professionals. Instead of […]

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