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I pull in millions in sales. How do I negotiate a raise?

globe and mail

Nine To Five: Special to The Globe and Mail, Published Sunday, June 16. 2013 The Question I have been happily employed for more than 10 years as the only salesperson for a family-owned manufacturing business. I bring in about 20 per cent of the total annual sales volume and have brought in about $16-million in […]

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9 Guidelines of Business Netiquette with Colleen Clarke

Many networking event attendees seem to believe there is some kind of competition to see who can meet the most people, collect the most cards or eat the most food. Fortunately our networking guru Colleen Clarke has 9 guidelines for business networking. Attending a business or social function alone can be intimidating and disconcerting unless […]

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BizTV: Business Netiquette – the Business Card Exchange with Colleen Clarke

Whether it is a conference, seminar, cocktail party, or association meeting, your ability to make a lasting, positive first impression depends on your Professional Netiquette. Let’s start with… 1. Business Cards North Americans have adapted the business card exchange protocol from the Japanese. You ask for a card, you do not offer your card first. […]

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