What’s Your Working Worth

reader's digest(Excerpt from RDMoney of Reader’s Digest, By Stuart Foxman)

To find out:

Surf the Net.
Recruitment sites Monster.ca and Workopolis.ca have a tool called Salary Wizard, where you click on your field, job title and location, and get an idea of what you should be making. For instance, a graphic designer in Montreal should make, on average, $49,279.

Ask around.
Friends and associates in your line of work, or your industry association, can advise you.

Check the want ads.
Look for the salary ranges in ads for your field.

Consider the value you bring to the organization,
says Colleen Clarke a Toronto career consultant. Think how you help it make and save money and run efficently.

Don’t jump at the first offer. “Dont’ be afraid to say ‘Let me think about it,'” says Clarke. By doing your homework and standing your ground, you can get a fair deal.

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