Quittin’ Time


Want to take this job and shove it? Changing your job – or even your career- is it possible?

Change it up

Gone are the days of graduating from school and settling into a 40 year career. ” Anybody graduating from a post-secondary education today may have up to seven careers throughout their lives, ” says Toronto career specialist Colleen Clarke. It’s wonderful to try new things – especially finding a career that makes you happy.

Know when it’s time

“There’s a fear of the unknown when it comes to quitting,” Clarke says. When should you start thinking about moving on? “When you think you’re in a rut,” she says. “Or when you’re not getting promoted, when you’re not moving forward, when you’re not realizing your goals or when you’re bored.”

Be prepared

Changing your career drastically sometimes means you’ll be starting at ground zero. “You either have to go back to school, or start at the bottom,” she says. It can be tough on the ego – especially if you were a big name in your old career. When working on your resume, highlight your transferable skills from your old career.

Quit with class

Even if your job was awful, quitting is not the time to tell your boss what you really think of her. “Thank the company for the opportunity that they have given you.” Clarke says. “Thank them for teaching you new skills. Then say you recognize it is time to make a change in your life.” Put it in a letter, but deliver it in person.

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