13 Ways to Start 2013 With a Bang

When the calendar starts a new year, it is like renewed hope that this year will bring what the last did not. This year will land you work opportunities, this year will find you gainfully employed or with a new boss, more remuneration or with the where with all to start your own business. To ensure success start with these strategies:

  1. Decide that you are going to have a stellar year. It is totally within your control to cognitively decide how you are going to feel about your future, your destiny may not be in your hands but how you feel about it is.
  2.  Dump limitations, excuses, laziness and bad habits in the garbage bin. Even better, write them all down and then burn the list.
  3. Reach out to people you have been thinking about or planning to connect with and just do it! Call and email and ask what the best method of connecting with them might be. If you can get referred your chances of getting through and communicating goes up 100% if they are conscientious people.
  4. Set a goal at the end of the day as to how you are going to start the next day. You need a reason to get out of bed. Go to the gym, walk the dog, start a blog, follow someone on twitter, write an article for an association newsletter.
  5. Read stories about successful people.
  6. Broaden your mind and your world. Visit museums, art galleries and parts of your city or town you have never visited before. Read magazines you would not normally be interested in.
  7. Volunteer somewhere that is congruent with your values and beliefs that will teach you new skills, introduce you to new people and put a smile on your face.
  8. Take time every day, even 20 minutes, to do something for yourself. Find some quiet time to go inside yourself to interpret your feelings and find out what is going on with you.
  9. Check up on a friend or relative you haven’t seen or spoken to for a long time. Tell them you are thinking about them.
  10. 10.Move. Dance, sing, jog, run, walk fast, stroll. Use your body in a way that is different from what you usually do with it.
  11. 11.Learn a new language or study about a country you would like to visit and have never been to. Find a restaurant that serves their food and try it out.
  12. 12.Get a pet. Buy a small tank or big vase, put in some goldfish and place it near your work station. Watching fish swim is very soothing and calming.
  13. 13.Entertain. Ask some friends over for a pot luck. Laugh and giggle. Get those happy hormones fired up!

The important thing is to try to be as positive as you can. Believe in yourself, assess your past accomplishments as a reminder to what you have achieved in your life and therefore what is possible in the future. I wish you a rockin’ 2013.

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