My lazy managers are ruining my job

Nine To Five: Special to The Globe and Mail, Published Sunday, May 19 2013


Should I report them to human resources? What is the role of a manager if they mainly socialize? And their computer skills are lacking. Why isn’t management training them?

Most of the managers only create more work. All they need to do is offer to help. There also is no trust and respect in our workplace. Some of my ideas get implemented and I don’t receive any recognition. Is this typical operation of an office work environment? I’m so fed up.


Let’s start with the last question: No, this is not typical behaviour, but it is not unique, either.

You said the assistant managers seem to be socializing in the back office, but do you know this for a fact? Let’s assume they are socializing and not tending to business. It is not your place to report them to HR. Talk to the front-desk manager. Explain that you are committed to providing an outstanding customer experience to the hotel guests, and to deliver this quality all the time you need advice.

Ask who you are to approach for help when the front desk gets overwhelmed and is short staffed. The senior manager will say the assistant managers and you can say you tried asking for their help but to no avail. Then wait, say nothing, see what the response it. If you’re told it is the assistant managers’ role, ask how you should approach them for help, since asking hasn’t worked. Don’t gripe, or complain; discuss the problem calmly, and stay focused on finding a solution. As for the lack of computer training, could you take that on?

The easy answer for you is to find a new job. Prepare your résumé including all the ideas you suggested that have been implemented and the difference they made to the operation and customer service. You may not fit in this hotel’s environment and you alone can’t change the way the hotel is managed. Find an employer who cares about their staff and their customers. You will be happier, more productive, healthier, and inspired to excel.

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