COLLEEN CLARKE – Networking- Elevator Pitch

Ever wonder how to network and build professional relationships that count?
Or how to have a great elevator pitch and a successful advice call? Our guest Colleen Clarke has the answers to all those questions and so much more.

Weather you work in a corporation or an entrepreneur you will want to hear Colleen’s tips, success stories and processes.  

BIO: COLLEEN CLARKE is a highly recognized career specialist, corporate trainer, and public speaker in the areas of career management and transition, communication and networking. For the past 20+ years she has motivated, inspired and counseled thousands of groups and individuals to maximize their career potential. Colleen is also a certified Workplace Coach with the Adler Institute. She is author of “Networking How To Build Relationships That Count” and “How To Get a Job and Keep It” and co-author of “The Power of Mentorship: The Mastermind Group”.

Hear how Colleen started her business

4:19 – Listen to what motivated Colleen to start her own business.  How after 16 jobs she knew what she wanted to do. Hear how she started a networking group which morphed into a career counselling business and being a well sought-after speaker.

10:43- Colleen mentions that networking is not just about who you know but who knows you.

Networking Type Defined

11:35- Discussion on networking and defining what kind of networking we are discussing.
Job search
Changing your career
Transition in your life
Starting your own business

Colleen explains the importance of face to face networking and building a relationship. Finding the right people to network with has a much to do with what you want to do and be. Tips on how to search for people that do what your want to do and have had a similar path so you will get more answers.

More tips on networking

13:55 – More tips on networking. One of the most important aspects of networking, is not to think the person you are speaking to is going to be able to offer you a position. That is not why you are networking. You want to let people know what you are looking for, so you have another set of ears and eyes looking for you and to build a data resource base.

14:22 – Suggestions on how to manage your data resource base on how to use it.

Data Resource Management

15:28 – Furthermore hear Colleen talk about how important it is to maintain those relationships in your data resource base and how to do that effectively. A couple of suggestions;
1. Group email
2. Post on linked in and content suggestions.

Where to go to network

16:31 – Conversation about fears of networking. Tips on where to go to network.

Associations in your own industry
Join groups, example Company of Women
Going to meeting
Sitting on committees
Greeter at events
Take registration at a conference and golf tournaments
Volunteering outside of your industry.

19:41- How to be more visible. It takes time to be more visible, but you don’t have to do it every day.  People should say you are everywhere, and you are easy to find.

21:29 – Networking is work, it is a science, and art, you must like people. Even if an introvert you can be effective in networking. A resource Colleen suggests is Carole Cameron’s book called Splash, An Introvert’s Guide to Being Seen, Heard and Remembered.

Colleen shares an example of how she helped a client that was introverted.

23:46- Great tips from Colleen on ways to help people remember you. If you are not appearing, then you are disappearing.

25:27 – Colleen describing the importance of the 3-minute presentation also know as an elevator pitch. How it should be succinct in what you do and what you are looking for. Plus, asking how I can help you and what can I do for you.

27:48- Colleen shares her strategy/process she teaches to have a good elevator pitch and gives us examples.

  1. start with a result – tag line
  2. now they are hooked in you can explain what it means, define explicitly what you do so people can get a visual picture. They must be able to image what you do.

33:36- Colleen shares another technique and more examples.

36:31- Penny asks Colleen what she would say to someone that just started working in a big corporation and how they should start networking.
Hear all the great tips that would apply to anyone working in a big corporation. Plus, building your brand and how to raise awareness what you do.

42:41- More suggestions on how to build your brand and documenting your wins on twitter and or on linked. It’s telling not selling. It’s not boasting, it’s about telling them about it. Talking about successes it important.

45:49 – Networking is a tool. It must be honed so you can use it on a on going basis. If you don’t have relationships, then you don’t have a business.

46:47- Big challenge is to get people to return your calls or connect with you. Colleen shares a story on this topic.

48:56 – Networking and collaboration discussion.

51:04 – Penny asks Colleen if there is a chapter in her book that she would like to highlight. Colleen says that she is huge advocate of the advice call. It is a 30-minute meeting with people that will help move you forward and are now where you want to be. Colleen explains how this process works and Chapter 7 lays out the technique, worksheets and success stories.

55:54 – This is where Colleen shares her message to all entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

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Colleen’s Books:

Networking: How to Build Relationships That Count,” removes the fear that many people have about reaching out and making connections, often with perfect strangers in strange environments. It is a “how to book”: how to engage people, what to say to set up advice call meetings, scripts to recite when at functions or in networking meetings, the importance of internal networking and increasing one’s visibility.

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